E-Commerce Websites

Borisut provides your company with excellent ecommerce web site gear towards customer satisfaction and business reliability. With the long years’ experience we know ecommerce sites are not all round to fit and for this reason we work hand in hand to make sure the best is accomplished.

Digital Marketing

We provide consultation for diverse digital needs. Helping customers with unequivocal advice through continuous research efforts with industry and academic experts. Together, we help you build a long lasting brand reaching desired customers via unparalleled online service.

Websites & Web apps

At Borisut Technologies, we know web development is the most critical section of every business in the 21st century, therefore our major objective is developing for our clients’ cutting edge web sites to keep them leading. We develop content management systems enabling easy monitoring of online.

Mobile apps

If you are looking to extend your marketing efforts or have the next great app concept, we’re ready to bring your ideas to life. We also design HTML 5 mobile apps that are not only functional but also responsive, so you know they’ll work beautifully on just about any mobile screen.